About Us

Welcome To The North’s Most Exciting Radio Broadcasters

Welcome to the fresh new updated 4K1G website.

4K1G is excited and looking forward to the privilege & opportunities that the radio station presents now and in the future.

4K1G will continue to involved with the development and production of radio programs and projects in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The station will maintain a strong voice to our listeners of the various issues concerning our people, whether it’s social, political and cultural.

4K1G will also continue to play the variety of New and Old Indigenous music that’s so unique to our Peoples, as well as cater for our other listeners who are fans of 70’s to Now, Country, Reggae, Gospel, RNB. Playing Deadly Variety.

Formerly Townsville Aboriginal & Islander Media Association (TAIMA) now called Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation for Media (TATSICM) was established in 1982 out of the need to promote and broadcast indigenous news, music, views and information and raise awareness of these amongst the broader community.