4K1G would like to acknowledge and pay respects to the Bindal and Wulgurukaba people on whose land we walk, work and live, and pay respects to their cultures, their ancestors and to all Elders past and present.

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Our Radio Programs

A strong social, political and cultural voice for the various issues concerning our people.

Dave Daly Show

Dave has been on-air around Australia for over 30 years working at Radio 4GY, Stereo 10 Brisbane, Triple M Brisbane, 4BK Brisbane, SEA FM Sunshine coast also the winner of “the Best Breakfast show provincial Australia” ACRA award, Dave most recently was the program manager of MIX FM and HOT 100 Darwin.

Dave loves getting out and discovering what makes North Queensland tick!

Deadly Dave Daly, Good times, Great tunes and Giveaways!

He’s on-air at sparrows F^*T weekdays!

The Dave Daly Show

The Ray Hadley Morning Show


Hi! I’m Willow and I am a proud Kunja woman from Cunnamulla in South West QLD. I am passionate about Nature, learning more about my culture, creating art and I also love boxing and spending time with my family! I like broadcasting for 4K1G as it gives me the chance to share stories/resources about our culture and wellbeing to the community!


Hey I’m Eli, aka EzBz! Belonging to Gubbi Gubbi, Gooreng Gooreng, South Sea and Bindal nations.

I’ve been a part of 4K1G since March of 2020, during my time here I’ve been involved in several duties such as panel operating, digital media person, hosting my own Tuesday night program ‘Deadly at Dark’ to now fondly co-hosting the BEST live weekend program, ‘Deadly By Dark’ from 7-10pm on Fridays and Saturdays with the one and only, DeeVibez!

My favourite indigenous artist is Thelma Plum and in my spare time, you can find me SLEEPING!


Deadly by Dark

Dodie Waugh

Blessed Mother of Handsome sons!

Hello, my name is Dodie Waugh “Aka Dee-Vibez”
I’m a proud Birri-Gubba/Mandandanji women who grew up in Cherbourg. I have strong ties back home however been residing in Townsville for the past 20 years. I have been involved with 4K1G since May 2020. Since joining I have had several areas of involvement: cleaning staff, Panel operator and Broadcaster.

I’m the proud founder of the only live weekend program in Townsville known as ‘Deadly by Dark’ this broadcast has a strong youth vibe, connecting our youth with their loved ones. Deadly by Dark includes playing R&B, HIP-HOP, RAP & REGGGAE music to our listeners.

I also participate in the 1 Hour of requests & shout outs, yarns, and laughs. Alongside my partner in music the only Fabolous co-host Ez-Bz.

My passion is to inspire and empower our youth of today through music. Music is the key to the soul and allows us to have a connection and influence for a brighter future.

Another passion of mine is tracing and learning more about my bloodline, history, and ancestors. In my time away from 4k1G I love spending time with family, socialising with friends, improving my fitness. I can make people smile laugh as I like a good yarn, I have an interest in editing music creating my own flava. I am a sports enthusiast watching rugby league,( I LOVE MY NQ COWBOYS) basketball, fishing, 4×4, horse riding, dirt bike riding & dancing.

The Fishing Show

The Fishing Show

Yes we are certainly a little crazy, we often dip our toes into uncharted waters and deliver all things fishing with as much passion and enjoyment possible.

We come with a wealth of fishing experience from Co-owning tackle stores to working in every tackle store in town over the past 4 decades, we also are extremely dedicated fisho’s.

Gaz has been doing the NQ Fishing Show now for over 20 years and I (Marty) well I’m a relative Newby with only 11 years under my belt with the show.

We both love the show dearly and have dedicated a big part of our lives to it. We sense our listeners respect that and in return we deliver a 3 hour segment full of laughs, science, fishing practices and the odd bit of controversy that many of our audience hang out for each Saturday morning. Some say we sacrifice a good part of our weekend for the show, for us the show often makes up the best part of our weekend!

We look forward to bringing you all many more years of The NQ Fishing Show with some of the best sponsors and prize giveaways getting around.

The Hallelujah Brothers